Business Services

Hire Vortex and you deploy a dedicated and experienced team.

Our scalable solutions can be tailored to fit businesses of any size, and we take pride in offering comprehensive business technology solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Managed IT Services

We provide a comprehensive solution to your technology needs, ensuring proactive maintenance, support, and security for your business. With a team of experts managing your IT infrastructure, you can focus on your core business and achieve greater efficiency and productivity.


Servers & Hardware

These are essential components of a robust IT infrastructure, providing a reliable and secure platform for your business operations. Our high-quality products and expert support enable you to optimize your network performance and ensure seamless communication and data transfer.


Networking & Cabling

Our network solutions are designed to deliver optimal performance, whether it's a hardwired or wireless connection. With our reliable structured cabling solutions, we ensure an efficient and non-intrusive installation that's tailored to your business and it's needs.


Email Hosting

A secure and reliable platform for your business communication needs, ensuring seamless access to your emails anytime, anywhere. With our expert support and advanced features, you can streamline your email management and improve collaboration within your team.


Fiber & Coax Internet

We have partnered with a diverse range of market leaders in Fiber & Internet solutions to offer you the most competitive pricing available. Our expertise enables us to assess your business needs and recommend the ideal internet service, avoiding unnecessary package or bundle sales.


Security & Access Control

Our most in-demand technology service focuses on safeguarding your business by controlling access and enhancing security. Our solutions include the installation of cameras, door access systems, gate access controls, intercoms, and monitoring to strengthen your physical security measures.


Data Storage & Backup Services

Our data storage and backup services provide a secure and scalable solution for businesses to protect and store their valuable information. With reliable backup and recovery capabilities, our services ensure business continuity and minimize the risk of data loss.

Vortex also offers a variety of Creative Services. We are your One-Stop-Shop for your business.

Web Development
Graphic Design
Branding & Logo Creation
Social Media Marketing
Audio & Video Production
Post-Production Audio & Video Editing
Live Streaming Engineering
Digital Signage
Creative Technologies

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Security & Recovery

Cyber threats can impact a business and cost you time and money. With our advanced technologies and expert support, we help businesses safeguard their critical data and maintain uninterrupted operations. We have partnered with a number of vendors that provide proven protection.


Phone Systems

We offer a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for your business communication needs, allowing you to make and receive calls from anywhere with an internet connection. Advanced features include call forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing. You can streamline your communication today!


Special Event Support

Hosting corporate events often requires robust technology support, ranging from projectors and audio equipment to temporary internet solutions. Our experienced and passionate team offers a variety of solutions to cater to your specific event needs and ensure seamless execution.



Our technology consulting services provide expert guidance and support to help you optimize your IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. With our in-depth industry knowledge and experience, we enable you to make informed decisions and implement effective solutions.

Who are our customers?

Enterprise Business

Schools & Daycares


Construction & Engineering Industries

Government Organizations

Doctors & Dental Offices


Streaming & Sports Broadcasting

Gas Stations & Stores

Hire Vortex and you deploy a team.

Our team, with diverse expertise and experience, upholds a longstanding service principle that assures you of top-notch service. We offer an extensive list of services that enable our team to provide solutions for a broad range of technologies, making us a convenient one-stop-shop provider for all your technology needs.

No Service Contracts

You only pay when we are needed and we work to setup remote solutions to decrease downtime and expenses.

Expansive Knowledge

We offer a wide variety of services and knowledge that allows you to use one vendor for all technology services.

Solutions Based Approach

Spend less time just maintaining and use your resources to grow your technology with the peace of mind it will work.