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A tech support call you don't expect is a scam. Always.

You get a call, pop-up, or email telling you there's a problem with your computer. These are almost always scams and the persons responsible are trying to steal your money, personal information, or access your files. This can damage your personal data or put your business at risk. Never give remote access to someone you don't know. Even if the number looks legitimate, it most likely is not, they can often fake caller ID and email domains.

Please be aware that scammers attempt to impersonate our business or represent themselves as an IT provider of our partner companies. They will even direct you to our website. They will attempt to gain access to your computer or ask for payment for services that will never be rendered. We then receive calls from customers obviously upset about being charged, scammed, and often locked out of their own data that we never have done business with.

When in doubt if it is Vortex, hang up. Directly dial our listed numbers above, good chance our friendly voices will answer, not who you were just talking to. We also don't take payments or ask for remote access over the phone with new customers.
When in doubt, use caution.

Been a victim of a scam and want to file a compliant or need more information on Cybersecurity. Visit our link below to the Federal Trade Commission.

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