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Residential Technology


PC & Mac Repair & Sales
Wi-Fi Networks
Virus & Malware Protection
Security Camera Systems
Smart Home Technology
Audio & Video Entertainment
Network Attached Storage
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Vortex started as a couple of guys building cutting-edge custom PCs and has developed over a decade into a full service technology provider. We still offer the cutting-edge service in all of our residential services.

Affordable Residential Services.


PC/MAC Repair & Sales

Upgrades, Repairs & Custom Builds

We can take that "Big Box Store" PC you bought 2 years ago and upgrade to perform better than it did brand new... and if we can't, we can provide consultation on what PC or Mac would work best for your use. Whether it is gaming or surfing the web, we can point you in the right direction.

Computer Programming

Virus & Malware Removal & Protection

Is your PC running slow or infected?

We are partnered with the industry leaders in malware & virus removal. We can clean your infected PC and restore it back to new. We also offer data recovery services for data that may be corrupt. Let us protect your devices for less than $35 a year.

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WiFi Networks

Does your home Wi-Fi need help?

Don't settle for the "router" that the cable company provides. We can provide cost effective WiFi solutions that will make your family internet the envy of the neighborhood. Our systems can handle all of your streaming services and gaming without breaking the bank.

Led TV

Audio & Video Solutions

Professional Installations.

Our audio & video solutions are state of the art equipment that is cutting edge and easy to use. Our installations are clean and we attempt to hide every unsightly wire in the best way possible.

Our OCD means we exceed your expectations.

Home Electronics

Smart Home Technology

Do you control your home or does it control you?

Take control today and automate all of your home systems with a tablet or smart phone. Our solutions can help you control your lighting, HVAC, audio, video, and home security. Call us today to get a free estimate and learn more about our smart home tech.

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Security Cameras

Cost effective solutions for real security.

Don't want to sign a long term contract with a home security provider? We can setup your home security with one of our premier security products designed for home settings. We can install and program all of our solutions to protect your assets.

Image by Alex Cheung

Network Attached Storage

Still have a massive collection of VHS or CDs?

Take those old photo albums, VHS, CDs, movies, and other media and store them in one place. Our residential network attached storage systems provide you a central place to archive your media that can be accessed any where there is internet. Pair this with one of our cloud backup solutions and you protect your valuable media.

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